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Many poultry farmers are mostly concentrate on chicken and turkey , but there are many other birds which are lucrative and profitable , quail is one of those profitable birds that can earn you more money in your farm.
Quail is a collective name for several general of mid-sized birds.

Quail are a small, short tailed game bird resembling partridges but are smaller and stockier. 130 species in all over the world, 95 Old World and some 36 New World Quail. Quail have been kept in captivity for meat and eggs since the Egyptian times. In fact they even have their own hieroglyph! Japanese Quail or Coturnix Quail as they are also called were a very common bird to keep back in those days. As these quail migrated through out the area, the Egyptians found they were easy to catch. So it only made sense to keep them captive and breed them for their eggs and meat.

  How to raise or keep Quail?

Quail are quickly becoming a common species of poultry in many backyards across the world. They are mainly kept for meat or eggs but also as pets and the entertainment value of this fun little bird. They are easy to maintain, can be kept in smaller spaces than other larger poultry, they are quieter than other species of poultry and let's face it, they are just so darn cute!

Few reasons that make sense as to why you might like to keep this little bird:

1. Unlike Chickens or other poultry, for some reason, Quail usually don't fall into that category of "Poultry" when it comes to city ordinances and laws. They just don't see them as "poultry". So more often than not, those of you that are not allowed to keep Chickens, Ducks or Geese in your town, city or HOA, you can keep Quail. Of course you will definitely want to contact your City  agents on all the laws and regulations on keeping quail in your area.

2. There are health benefits to keeping Quail as well. Especially the eggs. Quail eggs have been used for eons to treat various ailments in the human body such as Asthma, Coughs, and Allergies. Many people are allergic to Chickens and their eggs. Chicken eggs can cause itching, nausea and even vomiting. Not so with quail eggs. They are not only allergy free but they help to fight allergy in your body due to a special protein they contain known as Ovomucoid. So those of you that are allergic to Chicken eggs, you will be able to eat Quail eggs. The eggs are also known to improve your memory, boost your immune system, they are rich in iron and contain so many more vitamins and minerals that aid in good health.

3. By raising your own quail for meat, you know what you are eating. No mystery meats there! Quail can dress up nicely for the table. A Jumbo Coturnix Quail can weigh in at nearly 14 ounces, and a Jumbo Georgia Giant Bobwhite can yield up to 16 ounces! While Bobwhites take much longer to grow won't be ready for butchering until 14 to 16 weeks of age or sexually mature until 6+ months of age, Coturnix Quail are fast growers and can be ready for the table at 6 to 8 weeks of age and laying by 9 weeks of age.

4. Quail are just fun little birds to keep as pets as well! While they may seem aloof at times and most of them do not like to be cuddled or held like many other species of poultry, Quail are smart birds and can learn their names, come when called, eat from your hands and can even be trained to do certain things. Give them a healthy diet, an environment conducive to good mental health, a clean area and you will have happy healthy quail no matter why you are keeping them.

Where to get baby Quail or Adult Quail

Unfortunately, Quail are not as common as Chickens so you may have to do a bit of work to find them. Some feed stores like Tractor Supply will carry Quail chicks in the springtime. So it is best to call ahead and find out if your local feed store is going to carry them. Some feed stores will even special order them for you. Hatching eggs are available online, however, I do try to sway people from purchasing hatching eggs from unknown breeders. I have found that people selling online can be selling eggs from Quail with a lot of genetic issues, deformities and the hatch rates on these eggs is very poor. So be aware if you turn to these sources, but sometimes there is no other place to go. Most people do not ship adult Quail as they just do not do well being shipped. You can always get your quail from local store or farmer who are raising quail.
Many large hatcheries around the country also sell eggs and chicks, although they do have high quantity orders, many times 100+ chicks
There are many Quail hatcheries around the country that sell quality eggs and chicks. I have never dealt with any of these hatcheries, but if you do your research you can find quality dealers. And don't forget the local Quail Farms. I got my start in Quail from a local guy and his Quail Farm.

My advice

Quail can be such a fun little bird to keep. If you keep them properly, they can bring you years of enjoyment and profit. Just remember, healthy happy quail start with good stock. This is an area you should never overlook and need to do your homework before you purchase eggs, chicks or adult birds. Genetic issues are very common in overly bred Quail from breeders that are not experienced enough. Obtain all birds or eggs from a good quality breeder or hatchery. The average lifespan of captive kept Quail is 2 to 5 years, depending on their health, their environment and how they are kept. However, they have been known to live 7 to 8 years. Quail are seasonal layers which means they lay during their natural breeding season of spring through fall. The average healthy hen will lay about 100 eggs during this time. You can use "force laying" during these off seasons with extra lighting, however, you will be shortening their lives and cause more stress to the hens physically.

Another thing to take into consideration is that Quail have lost that instinct to brood their own eggs. It can and does happen occasionally, but generally brooding has been bred out of them. Since they will not set long enough to hatch a clutch of eggs, you will need an incubator.

So consider raising some Quail in your farm, feel free to ask question on this blog and you can also post your experience in raising quail below for other poultry keepers to know from you. Thank y


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